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Recharge your energy with a massage that involves and relaxes your muscles, renewing your entire body!

Shape and massage your legs effectively with the vibration released by this DoctorPro® Therapeutic Massager . Vibration promotes healthy blood flow, unclogging internal drainage.

Created to be an adhesive that easily adheres to parts of your body and is thin and light which helps with the comfort of its users.

RelaxUltra Orthopedic Portable Massager

8 massage modes

This massager has 8 massage levels, allowing you to have the appropriate pressure to eliminate your muscle pain.

This will help to relax you even more, eliminating stress in the body, and relieving sore muscles! Deeply massage your neck, shoulders, cervical and lower back, waist, feet and arms.

RelaxUltra Orthopedic Portable Massager

Promotes blood flow and muscle strengthening

With its activation, the power of therapeutic massage reduces varicose veins and swelling.

With its waves, DoctorPro® stimulates the muscles in the area, thus activating and toning, even helping to lose localized fat.

RelaxUltra Orthopedic Portable Massager

Lightweight and portable

RelaxUltra exclusively to offer you an advanced feeling of relaxation with just one click. In the comfort of your home, or in any other situation you want to feel revitalized and free from muscle pain.

RelaxUltra Orthopedic Portable Massager


✅ Fights Varicose Veins

✅ Relieves swelling and leg pain

✅ Reduces fluid retention

✅ Eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the legs

✅ Can be used as a massager on any part of the body

RelaxUltra Orthopedic Portable Massager


Voltage: 3.7v
8 Modes
Frequency: 1 - 100hz
Battery Time: 15 to 20 min Operating Time
Internal Capacity: 200mAh
Charge: Rechargeable via USB Cable

The package includes:

Option 1: 1 unit - DoctorPro® Therapeutic Massager
Option 2: 2 units - DoctorPro® Therapeutic Massager
Option 3: 3 units - DoctorPro® Therapeutic Massager

1x - USB cable for charging

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