Post Office clarification note: Due to measures against Coronavirus (COVID – 19) in several countries, there is no way to guarantee compliance with the delivery deadline for international shipments. Both forwarding and distribution are affected by the reduction or even lack of flights and the reduction in the number of employees allocated to the distribution of postal objects.
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How Vilazo works in partnership with Correios In order for us to make our deliveries with quality and safety, we will be committed and monitoring the entire process.
In case of doubts contact us through the contact

What is the deadline?

A: Our standard, completely free delivery time is 7-14 business days. Remembering that weekends and holidays are not counted as working days!

Will I only receive my product after 14 working days?

A: This is the standard delivery time, but our customers usually receive their orders within 12 to 15 calendar days! Some regions of Brazil receive orders in 7 to 10 calendar days.

How do I know I will receive the product?

A: Vilazo 's goal is for our customers to be completely satisfied. We guarantee delivery of your product and satisfaction, and you can follow the entire delivery through tracking on our website.

Can I track my product?

A: Yes! You can follow the entire delivery progress on our website using the tracking code that we will send by email and/or WhatsApp as soon as your package has been dispatched.

What is the deadline for my order to be dispatched?

A: As soon as payment is confirmed, your product begins to be packaged and separated. The deadline for dispatching products is 24 to 96 working hours.
And it is from dispatch that your delivery time starts to run.

Do the products come from another country?

A: Some of our products are imported, yes!

Don't I run the risk of buying an imported product?

A: Absolutely NOT ! Vilazo 's mission is your satisfaction. We do all the monitoring from the beginning until the product is in your hands. If you have any questions during the process, we will always be at your disposal. If any eventuality arises, rest assured! The responsibility is ours and the product will reach you.

Do I have a guarantee when buying from you?

A: Of course yes! At Vilazo you have a 7-day satisfaction guarantee for any product in the store, in addition to the guarantee for factory defects.

If I need an exchange, how do I do it?

A: All exchanges or similar situations must be handled by email: contato@v ilazo Remembering that for exchange due to factory defects, the product cannot show signs of use.

Can I collect the product in a physical store?

A: At the moment, Vilazo does not have a physical store, only our factory in São Paulo - SP. All of our products are sold only through our website and delivered to the comfort of your home.

Where do you stay?

A: Our company is located in Mairiporã - SP

Do you have registration?

A: Yes! You can search through CNPJ: 43.091.488/0001-12 Vilazo .

Is it really reliable? Do the products arrive?

A: Yes! As previously stated, our customers' satisfaction comes above anything else at Vilazo . We suggest you take a look at our Instagram @vilazoshop and see the feedback and testimonials from satisfied customers.

What are the company's opening hours?

A: Our support works 24 hours a day

When will I receive my tracking code?

A: As soon as your order is dispatched, you will automatically receive a tracking code via registered email and WhatsApp .

Where can I track my order?

A: All orders must be tracked on our website in the specific area:
Although our deliveries are made in partnership with the Post Office, some products are imported , so it will only be possible to track it on the Correios websites when the product arrives in Brazil.

I can't track my order at the Post Office, what's the reason?

A: Our deliveries are made in partnership with the post office, however, we always recommend that you use our tab Track Order For this reason, as some of our products are imported, the object will only appear on the postal website when it arrives in Brazil and enters the system.

The product is in transit but has not arrived, why?

A: In transit means your product has left our suppliers and is being shipped to you. Stay calm! You will be able to see all updates through our website.

My order was cancelled, why?

A: Normally when an order is canceled or denied, it is because the company responsible for your credit card denied the purchase for some reason. We suggest that, in cases like this, you contact the company's SAC and ask why.

What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept payments via PIX and Credit Card.

Can I only pay when I receive my product?

A: We don't work that way. You must place the order and payment must be confirmed so that it can be dispatched and delivered to your home.

I bought it and the product didn't arrive? And now?

A: Please make sure you purchased from us. How can you do that? Check that you purchased through our website, that the amount paid for the product is the same as that shown on our website, that the company's CNPJ is the same as ours and that you received a tracking code after your order was dispatched.
If you are sure that the purchase was made with us, simply send us an email with all the details and our team will be happy to help you.

I clicked on your ad but went to another site, why?

A: Unfortunately, there are malicious "companies" and websites on the internet, some download and publish videos and advertisements to try to scam them! Make sure you are on, this is the only page.

Do you sell on other platforms?

A: No, our sales are made solely and exclusively through our website!

I saw another website using your name, video and products, is this normal?

A: No, it's not normal! And if you want to collaborate, you can send the website using our image to any of our support channels, so we can take appropriate action.

Are you the ones who deliver the products?

A: At the moment our deliveries are made in partnership with the Post Office.

I ordered different products and only one of them arrived, is this normal?

A: Yes, this is completely normal. Some of our products are sent from different suppliers, so it may happen that you receive one product and the other product you receive later. But don't worry! All orders will reach you.

Is it possible for an order to be delayed in delivery?

A: As we work with delivery logistics in partnership with the Post Office, there are some variables that are uncontrollable, such as problems on roads and/or delivery routes, virus outbreaks and, in uncontrollable situations, there may be some delays.

I made a purchase and I need to cancel it, how do I do it?

Vilazo has a rigid system of quality control.
So if you make a purchase and need to cancel it for any reason, please let us know. in up to 30 minutes with our support!
As soon as the payment is approved, our factory receives this confirmation and after 30 minutes sends your product to analysis, separation and quality control.

If you need to cancel your purchase, don't worry!
You will receive your product and just let us know as soon as it arrives. Immediately we will generate a reverse label and you will send us the product, and then your order will be canceled and you will receive 100% of your money without any problems.

At Vilazo what's worth is your satisfaction , we don't want you to have any negative experience with us, we are always available to resolve any problem through our support channel:

Remembering that our opening hours are 24 hours


Vilazo Team.